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Manifesting through Effective Journaling

Posted by Angelic L. on May 21st 2018

 Creating your own reality is simple. There are no magic tricks involved. All you need to do in order to create your own reality is believe. Believe that good things are always happening for yo … read more

Getting Rid of Negative Energy

Posted by Angelic L. on Mar 13th 2017

Have you ever been around someone and felt like the energy was being sucked out of you? I remember when I wasn’t so in tune with myself and I was at a bar. I walked in feeling great but for some rea … read more

What Are Healing Crystals?!

Posted by Angelic L. on Mar 7th 2017

Here's a little info on healing crystals and how to use them. You may be familiar with the different variations of diamonds and other beautiful gemstones but never understood the purpose they served.Y … read more

Tips for Meditating

Posted by Angelic L. on Oct 13th 2016

Meditation has many benefits and is very simple to do. It helps to reduce stress, depression & anxiety, improves mental strength, slows aging and much more! Would you like to start meditating but n … read more