One small bundle of dried white sage with dried roses.

Handmade by Angelic Rose Essentials

Benefits to Burning Sage

Sage was used by Native Americans for over 2000 years for many different reasons. One of the reasons for smudging (burning sage) was for spiritual purification. Sage is great to use when you want to have a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from burning sage is said to change the ionic composition of the air and has a direct effect on reducing our stress response.  It helps to get rid of negative energy and promote cleansing. Smudging is said to help clear the space that you’re in of negative energy. Any conflict or illness is absorbed by the smoke and released to leave you with peaceful, calm energy. You can use sage to clear your space, yourself and your crystals.


Light the top of the sage stick gently with a lighter. After a few seconds, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to permeate your space. Speak your intentions out loud on what you want to achieve while waving the stick into all corners and across all doorways throughout your space. Once the smoke reaches all areas of your space, you can let the sage burn out on its own or gently put it out. Make sure to open a window or turn on a fan to allow the smoke to carry out the negative energy. 

It is recommended to use an abalone shell for smudging but if you choose not to, make sure that whatever you use is heat resistant. 

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